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Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes With Your Hands?

Posted on June 7, 2021 by William Darbro

Unfortunately, what you do with your hands can be among the quickest non-verbal approaches to destroy the attraction that a woman feels for you, because the wrong hand movements can communicate that you're a low-status, beta male.

To make things worse, your hands can be especially hard to handle because, let's face it, when you are feeling nervous, the hardest thing in the world is figuring out what to do with your hands!

For achievement with your dating and seduction of girls, be sure to don't make the next body language errors with your palms.


Displaying your anxiety with your palms.

You do this when you:

1) Shred napkins or peel labels off bottles.

2) Clutch your hands into fists.

3) Sit on your hands.

4) Hold something and play with it.

5) Twiddle your fingers or thumbs.

6) Hold your hands unnaturally still.

7) Sit on your hands to prevent having the girl see them tremble.

Although you may be feeling nervous, the last thing you need to do is to allow the woman detect you think like that.

Instead you wish to convey that you are calm and in control. Nothing brings a girl more than a guy who is laid back and confident.


Putting your fingers in your mouth.

If you bite your nails or otherwise chew on your fingers, you are, according to psychologists, doing exactly the identical thing that babies do when they suck their mother's breast.

For a infant, breast feeding offers comfort. When we became toddlers, our thumbs replaced our mother's nipple.

And as adults, biting our thumbnail does the exact same thing. Ever noticed that when you are out in public, you mostly bite your nails when you are under pressure?


Just hold your hands relaxed on the table.

Rest your forearms on the desk, keeping your arms open and letting them fall forward.

Keep your arms and hands open and relaxed. The majority of the time this means having them about 18 inches or half a meter apart, your palms facing each other, with fingers curved slightly upwards.

As your palms face each other, they ought to also face the girl. Open palms convey honesty and being completely comfortable with yourself. Having the back of your palms facing her can often convey that you are hiding something.

Demonstrating your assurance can be as simple as that! Quit twiddling your thumbs and see the girls flock to you.