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Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn't Avoid

Posted on December 19, 2021 by William Darbro

All relationships are clearly not intended to be. Just a few really deserve your time and your efforts. Sometimes we have clouded judgment and fail to recognize warning signs which are clearly apparent. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in a relationship. Often relationships start out wonderfully and turn sour while dating. You should spend your time with those men and women who respect you and will treat you nicely. However, sometimes we may overlook some of the warning signs that may save us much heart ache in the long run.

1. Physical Abuse - physical abuse should always be a deal breaker. Early signals might be exceedingly rough play where you wind up bruised. Other early indications are pushing, shoving, or hitting you too hard. These are signs that he's physically aggressive and does not mind hurting you.

2. Emotional/Verbal Abuse - name calling (no, we are not talking about terms of endearment) like you are a fat slob, you are ugly, or anything that does not promote good will is inexcusable. If such terms are used towards you, drop that individual, they don't respect you. Having that person say that they did not mean it, or they had been joking is not an acceptable excuse.

3. Emotional Rollercoaster's - prevent people who love you daily, and would like to split things off the following day. This man or woman is unstable, and will only continue this cycle because your connection persists. Someone who does articulate mixed messages is not emotionally mature enough for a connection.

4. Lying - you deserve to be in a relationship with a man who will say the truth. Keep away from anyone who tells outright lies. If they are going to lie about little things, they'll lie about bigger things. A person that loves you'll respect and not lie to you.

5. Inaccessible - They won't give out telephone numbers, address, or employment information. Somebody who's not inclined to offer you a way to contact them is trying to hide from somebody. Maybe they will only give out their mobile phone number and nothing else. Perhaps they will only enable you to call at specific times, and not others. All these are warning signs they're trying to keep themselves separate from you.

6. Too Controlling - your spouse is overly concerned about actions that you do when you're away from them. They need to understand where you're at all times, they may call you a few times each day when you're out checking up on you. Be cautious if a person must know where you're at every waking moment, and needs to always check up on you. They may have to do this only because they're insecure, or they could be seeing someone else, and would like to verify that you are not likely to infringe upon that other connection.

7. You are the one trying to work on the connection - if you're the person that must keep the contact, apologize, and keeps the relationship going, you're working too hard. Relationships are two way streets; the two parties will need to be involved. If you're involved with a person who can not pick up the telephone, send an email, or come and see you, proceed. The other person is not interested in you enough to make the effort.

8. How can they treat others? Does your partner treat other people well? Can they treat servers in restaurants in regard? Do they talk well to their own family? Do they speak badly about their friends behind their backs? Bear in mind, the person you're with will eventually treat you like they do everybody else.

These are general warning signals. You might have your personal must haves a possible partner must meet to maintain a relationship with you. Be certain that you move slow enough to observe these warning signs before you fully engage your heart. Most importantly you deserve a secure relationship with someone that you respect, and that other person respects you. If you have to question yourself, ask yourself this, if a friend of yours has been relating some of those red flags to you, what would you say? If you'd tell your friend its time to move on, move on to somebody that will provide you the connection that you want.