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The Good And The Bad Of Office Romance

Posted on June 10, 2021 by William Darbro

Experts frequently spend significantly more time in the office than at home. So much so that there's always a generous quantity of single men and single women who do not have enough time to fulfill new men and women. So the logical selection for them to meet other single people is obviously, the workplace.

When single folks spend at least 40 hours, in certain professions 50 hours and more, with like minded people of similar backgrounds and interests, relationships are a tempting side impact. Even though it's a logical decision to check within the workplace for love, there are definitely good and bad elements to the workplace dating scene.

The good in office dating

There are lots of benefits of office relationship one of which is evident -- the time you need to have a look at the available singles is through your work hours so no more do the limitations of office hours apply. In addition, the awkwardness of initial introductions is usually removed as first discussions are done inside the pretense of a work environment once again relieving the strain of having to make such a crucial first impression because the belief could be based on some type of work objective rather than strictly a personal objective just like you'd have from the normal dating procedure.

Another benefit is knowing that the person before you date them, at least to a degree. The truth is you might interact with a possible date many times on a company level and get to know something about their character and themselves without being on the place as you would in a normal social setting. This helps avoid the common pitfall of most early relationships -- incompatibility.

A final benefit, is the ability to quickly build a connection as the time you find each other is significantly greater than individuals who would meet away from the work place?

The bad in office relationship

Much like any dating scenario there's defiantly a bad side to office romance. By way of instance just as being in continuous contact with each other because of sharing an office may be an advantage it may also be a massive disadvantage. This period of time spent together can lead to a connection to fall apart as quickly as it evolved, why? Most of us need alone time and seeing each other five days per week for eight hours or longer and then spending some time together on the weekends makes for precious little alone time.

Another drawback to the workplace romance is when a individual must exercise their professional duties which could include having to subject or even fire the person they're dating. Although this may look like a distant idea when you being the connection, I do not think you would be quite comfortable having to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend,"your fired". Another example of this may be a need for one of the participants to go out of their way to show the rest of the workplace they aren't playing favorites possibly even to the point of not encouraging the individual despite the fact that they may be the most deserving.

A final drawback to office relationship could be jealousy particularly if the connection is"under cover". If you see that your officemates flirting with your date that the natural response would be negative and would being in a workplace environment create any other response than a natural one? With that response might come a unnecessary response including punishing somebody for something that's not work related in any respect.

Before you entertain the notion of dating the cute secretary on the fourth floor or the sexy hunk VP you watched during the previous office meeting, entertain the consequences of relationship that person, balance the pros and cons and should you choose to move foreword keep a look out for all the things which could go wrong and have an understanding of how you might manage any of those scenarios. Remember you're dating a professional single so to maintain your job keep the professional in the front of the single.