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The Real Cost of Free Dating

Posted on November 17, 2021 by William Darbro

Nearly every dating site on the internet claims to offer free dating. Running a quick search on Google for the phrase 'free dating' returns some one and half million results!

However is the consumer being mislead? What are the true costs of dating?

The simple fact is there is rarely anything. Free dating frequently means the ability to post a profile and receive messages from members but the term'free' stops. If a member wants to contact other members, read messages and use extra features aside from merely posting a profile that they need to'upgrade' their accounts and this naturally comes at a price tag.

Is the consumer being mislead? In a way yes. These websites aren't really offering free relationship, instead the ability to post a profile - if you truly need to use the dating agency, that is interact with other members then you have to pay an'upgrade fee'.

At exactly the same time however it's important to not forget that the old saying that nothing in life comes free. For the website owner running, maintaining and advertising a dating site costs money and frequently lots of it. Some of the best dating websites are paying almost #0.70 per click to advertise their websites - these clicks can easily accumulate and contribute to spirally costs. To pay these costs they must therefore introduces some type of subscription fee.

The alternative of course is to give a free dating website supported by advertising. Unfortunatley the advertising revenue derived from such websites is often far below prices. The customer ends up suffering in terms of obtrusive advertisng banners or a poor excellent service.

The answer then is that there isn't any such thing as'free dating'. That's not to say however the consumer shouldn't shop around. With a vast selection of online dating websites the customer is in a good positon to find the best bargain. Often they may gain from trial free supplies or some websites even offer completely free membership to a particular kind of user.